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Our table product range includes many shapes, sizes, styles, colours and heights.

When looking for a durable quality table for your centre the following should be considered;

Tops: We use Formica High Pressure Laminate (HPL) which is available in a wide range of on trend colours. Stylish, durable and easy to clean Formica has been a trusted household name for over 100 years.

Edging: We use a ribbed PVC T-edging which is grooved into the table edge. This provides a protective edge to our tables but also a long lasting edging that cannot be pulled off by little fingers. We recommend avoiding glued on edge tape.

Frames/Legs: We manufacture all our table frames as one unit, all legs are connected with a welded steel flange - (not individual legs screwed in). This offers emmense strength and longevity. Powder Coated Steel Frame will be matched to suit your choice of laminate. Adjustable and Folding legs also available.

View our range below and customise a table to suit your requirements.

Round Tables - Tables

Round Tables From $255.00

Square Tables - Tables

Square Tables From $206.00

Rectangle Tables - Tables

Rectangle Tables From $229.00

Hexagonal Table - Tables

Hexagonal Table From $366.00

Octagonal Table - Tables

Octagonal Table From $366.00

Kidney Tables - Tables

Kidney Tables From $326.00

Trapezoid Table - Tables

Trapezoid Table From $291.00

Consider the impossible!

Consider the impossible!

Thanks Starex for the wonderful furniture and shelving units. The whole process from onsite visit, design and delivery was done efficiently. Everyone turned up on time, did as they said they were going to and delivered when needed. It made this part of refurbishing the centre easy and stress free.  Communication was great, even when we were wanting delivery straight after Christmas!

Would heartily recommend the Starex team. The designs are well thought out and their ideas were well thought through. They thought of things we hadn't even considered or thought possible.

Yvonne Groot @ The Learning Space

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