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Think & Shift

Think & Shift is a product and spatial design studio, designing tangible experiences at a variety of scales. From coffee cups, to caravans, to indie pop up stores and corporate offices, Think & Shift take a holistic approach to their work.  The studios core offerings include consumer product design, furniture design, installation design, retail design, hospitality design and workplace design.

Think & Shift’s work is regularly published in magazines and blogs all around the world and the studio carries recognition from both international and New Zealand design awards.
The studio is made up three directors - Daniel Kamp, Samuel Griffin and James McNab - and a team of exceptional creative contractors.
Dan Kamp is our creative director. As well as leading Innovation based projects, Dan bounces back and forward between product and spatial design, directing the design concept, intent and strategy. He is our big picture thinker, working directly with the client to define a clear concept and with Sam and James to bring those ideas to reality. Dan carries a degree in Design Innovation, majoring in Industrial design, as well as awards in innovation and design.
James McNab heads our product focused design work. His methodical mind and a timeless design style allow him to create highly considered products and furniture that fit into the big picture. James is meticulous in his work and this attention to detail results in products with unique but refined function, construction and aesthetic.  James carries a degree in Industrial Design and international awards and recognition for his design work.

Sam Griffin heads our spatially focused design work. He is a super creative with a keen eye for aesthetics and environment. He is all about creating maximum impact in a space, whether it be a small scale fit out, an installation, or something a little more commercial. Sam carries a double degree in Industrial Design and Culture and Context, allowing him to bridge the gap between object, space and experience.
Think & Shift work regularly with STAREX as both a manufacturer and a collaborator. STAREX often produce furniture and fixings for Think & Shift fitouts and the two companies worked alongside each other to develop the Think & Shift designed ‘Hideaway Chair’ – a Children’s break out chair that has been published in some of the world’s most well recognised design blogs magazines and books and was is a finalist in the 2015 New Zealand Best Design Awards.

“We’ve been working with STAREX for a while now. They always deliver on time, on budget and to a high level of quality. They are great collaborators of ours.”
Daniel Kamp, Creative Director - Think & Shift.



An aesthetically integrated environment

An aesthetically integrated environment – one in which colour, texture, form, and light complement one another – assures children and adults that they are worthy of beauty and the finer things in life. - Anita Rui Olds

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