New Zealand is blessed with talented designers

Starex inDesign was born from an idea to bring modern, innovative, New Zealand designed furniture pieces into the early childhood setting - exposing young minds to contemporary furniture pieces through colour, texture and form. With permission from the designers we aim to offer their designs exclusively to early childhood centres exposing children to an aesthetic they may not normally see.

Timothy John

Timothy John, builder by trade, is a self taught furniture designer. Fascinated by natural materials, traditional techniques and contemporary form,...

Think & Shift

Think & Shift is a product and spatial design studio, designing tangible experiences at a variety of scales. From coffee cups, to caravans, to...

Tim Webber

Tim Webber started his creative journey when he began a Bachelor of Design in 2006, graduating in 2010. Shortly after graduating Tim created his own...

An aesthetically integrated environment

An aesthetically integrated environment – one in which colour, texture, form, and light complement one another – assures children and adults that they are worthy of beauty and the finer things in life. - Anita Rui Olds

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