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At Starex we manufacture a range of outdoor equipment thoughtfully designed with lots of built-in opportunities to explore.

We know that the benefits of outdoor climbing and play are huge for early childhood development.  It involves great focus and concentration; hand and eye coordination as well as problem solving skills.  We have designed outdoor equipment that encourages children to build self esteem, overcome fears and learn body confidence all the while building physical strength.

Attractive, durable & affordable

Childcare centres need attractive, durable and affordable furniture. Starex has provided children's furniture for all my centres over the last 15 years.

Starex's service was invaluable, and I am always pleased with the result. They have a unique understanding for the early childhood centre furniture needs and provide a professional service.

The quality is designed and manufactured at the highest standard. Through every part of the process, from ordering to delivery I have received helpful solutions that exactly match the centres needs, excellent care and communication.  Most importantly the children and teachers love their Starex furniture.

Maria Anstis @ Natural Steps

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