Family Play

Family play is such a huge part of any centre, we have you covered with a huge range of options for family play furniture, catering for both under 2's and over 2's.

It you have a play idea that we don't currently have in our standard range, please contact us!

Play is our brains favourite way of learning.
Diane Ackerman

Stove Under 2's - Family Play

Stove Under 2's From $236.00

Stove Over 2's - Family Play

Stove Over 2's From $260.00

Sink Under 2's - Family Play

Sink Under 2's From $236.00

Sink Over 2's - Family Play

Sink Over 2's From $260.00

Benchtop Microwave - Family Play

Benchtop Microwave From $189.00

Wardrobe + Mirror - Family Play

Wardrobe + Mirror From $756.00

Bed - Family Play

Bed From $350.00

Small Dolls Cot - Family Play

Small Dolls Cot From $153.00

Large Dolls Cot - Family Play

Large Dolls Cot From $172.00

Rainbow - Family Play

Rainbow $1121.00

Marae - Family Play

Marae $350.00

Stove Sink Unit - Family Play

Stove Sink Unit From $614.00

Pride in New Zealand Made

Nurture Early Learning recently opened its’ second centre. We design and build our own centres, so the work load is huge. This time round our third child was just born also.

The team at Starex were amazing! They provided me all the information I needed to make some great choices. The product was delivered on time and looks fantastic. When I show prospective families around our centre I take such pride in pointing out that all the furniture is New Zealand made. Further more the furniture from our first centre still looks great 5 years later.

Thanks Starex- you should be super proud!'

Trudie @ Nurture Early Learning 

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