Family Play

Family play is such a huge part of any centre, we have you covered with a huge range of options for family play furniture, catering for both under 2's and over 2's.

It you have a play idea that we don't currently have in our standard range, please contact us!

Play is our brains favourite way of learning.
Diane Ackerman

Stove Under 2's - Family Play

Stove Under 2's From $236.00

Stove Over 2's - Family Play

Stove Over 2's From $260.00

Sink Under 2's - Family Play

Sink Under 2's From $236.00

Sink Over 2's - Family Play

Sink Over 2's From $260.00

Benchtop Microwave - Family Play

Benchtop Microwave From $189.00

Wardrobe + Mirror - Family Play

Wardrobe + Mirror From $756.00

Bed - Family Play

Bed From $350.00

Small Dolls Cot - Family Play

Small Dolls Cot From $153.00

Large Dolls Cot - Family Play

Large Dolls Cot From $172.00

Rainbow - Family Play

Rainbow $1121.00

Stove Sink Unit - Family Play

Stove Sink Unit From $614.00

Attractive, durable & affordable

Childcare centres need attractive, durable and affordable furniture. Starex has provided children's furniture for all my centres over the last 15 years.

Starex's service was invaluable, and I am always pleased with the result. They have a unique understanding for the early childhood centre furniture needs and provide a professional service.

The quality is designed and manufactured at the highest standard. Through every part of the process, from ordering to delivery I have received helpful solutions that exactly match the centres needs, excellent care and communication.  Most importantly the children and teachers love their Starex furniture.

Maria Anstis @ Natural Steps

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