Art + Craft

Art and craft opens the way to creativity and learning through play.  As a group or on their own children can paint, screen print, get messy or explore their imagination with play doh.

We have a large range of furniture resources to set up your art and craft area and inspire future budding NZ artists. 

All furniture is manufactured at our Mount Maunganui factory.  For free offcuts for art and craft contact the team at Starex.

Single Easel - Art + Craft

Single Easel $470.00

Double Easel - Art + Craft

Double Easel $586.00

Flexi Easel - Art + Craft

Flexi Easel From $508.00

3 Tier Craft Trolley - Art + Craft

3 Tier Craft Trolley From $822.00

Outstanding Quality

We are delighted with the quality of the work and Starex's finished product is second to none.  Starex have worked alongside us to design and manufacture outstanding furniture specifically for our needs. The quality and the longevity of the products are outstanding. Nothing chips or breaks - it's outstanding quality.

Michelle Pratt @ New Shoots Children’s Centres

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